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Semiconductor shortage to ‘outlast’ Covid-19 pandemic

by Lesley Howes on 6th August 2021 in Knowledge

Fleet decision-makers are being warned that the global semiconductor shortage will have a greater impact on the automotive industry than the pandemic. Every car- and van-maker is being impacted by the computer chip crisis, with some delivery times for cars lengthening from three to six months, and many new vans not expected to be delivered […]

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A “Must Read” – Driving in Europe

by Lesley Howes on 15th July 2021 in Knowledge

Did you know that when driving in France you are required by law to carry the following items in order to avoid any unnecessary fines or penalties :- • French clean air stickers – called Crit’Air vignettes – are part of a six-category sticker system that applies to all motor vehicles in certain areas to […]

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Public Transport v Car

by Lesley Howes on 15th June 2021 in Uncategorised

How times have changed! As a keen environmentalist, one of the things I have encouraged in the past is the use of public transport as it is a much greener option than using your car. Right now, however, even the Transport Secretary has been quoted as saying he would feel uncomfortable about using public transport […]

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An Introduction To Electric Vehicles

by Lesley Howes on 15th April 2021 in Knowledge

If you are thinking of driving an electric car or van for the first time you are likely to have a lot of questions. In this introduction we are going to look at the basics, explain the different types of vehicles currently available, and answer some of the most common questions. Perhaps you are unsure […]

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Winter Driving Reminders …. It’s Not Over Yet

by Lesley Howes on 15th February 2021 in Knowledge

Hottest February Day on record yesterday – but the sharp frost again last night reminds us that it is still winter, so here is a summary of some of the important things to help to keep you safe behind the wheel if bad conditions return and you have to make that journey. • Keep your […]

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#EVLOVE before 2035 & cut costs

by Lesley Howes on 15th February 2021 in Knowledge

HURRAH!!! PETROL, DIESEL AND HYBRID CARS BANNED BY 2035 You may have seen the news today that the UK Government is planning to ban the sale of petrol, diesel and hybrid cars by 2035 AT THE LATEST. This is good news for the planet – are you ready to make the switch to electric transport […]

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The Future is Electric

by Lesley Howes on 15th February 2021 in Knowledge

THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC All over the world people like you are saying no to the polluting cars of yesteryear and are keen to reduce the fumes, get rid of expensive fuel and look forward to a more sustainable way of driving. Technology revolutionised your phone and now it is going to do the same […]

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by Lesley Howes on 15th January 2021 in Knowledge

You might find this surprising – coming from me – but there are times when leasing a car or van may not be the best solution. Maybe the work is really tough and you can’t bear to witness a beautiful new vehicle getting wrecked……. Perhaps the vehicle is going to be doing horrifically high mileage……or […]

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Should I service my car in lock down?

by Lesley Howes on 29th April 2020 in Uncategorised

Should I service my car during lock down? There is plenty to worry about right now. After all – LOCK DOWN isn’t a holiday. Usually, if you miss a service it can nullify the warranty on the car, you should not have to worry about that. Now Kia have turned out to be the stars […]

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by Lesley Howes on 8th April 2020 in Uncategorised

Corona Virus FAQ’s CARS AND VANS As we come out of lock down and start getting used to “new normal” many of us still have questions about how the impact of Coronavirus  will affect us and our  businesses. If your income has been affected by the disruption the Leasing providers are offering a range of […]

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