Who do we help?


Hello, I am Lesley Howes and I have been helping businesses, large and small, with vehicles and finance since 1986.

Their credentials

Lesley founded The Car Network in 1986 because her customers were asking her for all makes of cars. At the time she was Fleet Sales Manager of a well known Ford Dealer. Working from an office at home she had 2 babies (now flown) and has been lucky enough to juggle a family & business. This has kept her up to date, and allowed her to nurture relationships with clients and suppliers. Today she is still the driving force behind the business.

Who do they help?

Lesley’s in depth knowledge of the products and the Motor Business, her passion for sharing that knowledge to help others and her love of the environment means they help:

Busy small business owners

Helping you chose the right car or van quickly and easily…

“I had zero knowledge about leasing a vehicle. Lesley clearly explained my options, helped me choose which would best suit my needs and very promptly answered any questions I had. Within a matter of weeks I was taking possession of a lovely shiny new van. The whole process was really smooth and easy. Thank you Lesley; very happy customer!”

Andrea Peck Simply Garden Maintenance

Husband and wife teams

Simple steps to drive your dream car as cost effectively as possible…

“We first approached Lesley for a quote as several people had recommended her to us. From the very first phone call where Lesley asked us what sort of vehicle and options we were looking for, to the last communication letting us know when the vehicle would be arriving at our requested address, the whole process was smooth, efficient and completely stress-free! We felt we were in safe hands with Lesley and Hayley taking care of the organising, and we were right. Everything was processed efficiently, quickly and from our perspective, effortlessly, and we have got a brand new car which we love!”

Zoe Trodd Director, Sevenoaks Tutoring

Larger businesses with staff cars

Listening to your brief. Searching for the best value for you on the day. The right vehicle to do the right job for your business and your team. Not forgetting that your driver will want the smallest possible tax bill.

“Thank you again Lesley for sorting out the new car. The whole process was completely painless, you provided information on some great deals and the car we have ended up with is fabulous – my sales guy is truly over the moon with it!”

Rachel Astley Adamson Construction

Company Directors and hassled PAs

Simply not enough time to sort it out, get quotes in, work out the best way of doing it (Company v Personal). You call them – they sort it out.

“If I knew you were this much of a star we would have come to you first time round! Thanks ever so much for your fast and amazing help, I can go on holiday now feeling very happy.”

Stephanie Zinser CFO/Marketing, Lynx Golf UK & Europe

Need a car in a hurry

Things don’t always go according to plan. Need a car quickly. There are always offers for immediate delivery. Tell The Car Network – they will help you find it.

“From personal experience sourcing a new car is a huge ‘time vampire’, but Lesley from The Car Network has become my own ‘Silver Bullet’. A brief description of the type of car we needed and within a few hours the ideal car had been located and a competitive quote was on my laptop. Delivery was when promised, with no hiccups! No fuss, no bother and a minimal amount of my time consumed – brilliant! Clearly Lesley cares passionately about providing great service, we’ll be back in the future!”

Iain Crighton Crightons of Peterborough Ltd

Dream cars to order for less

Leasing makes dream cars more affordable. You can order your dream car and specify exactly how you want it to be. Start dreaming and place your order.

For the good of all

Helping the environment

Passionate about the environment, they will help you choose the greenest vehicle for the job. Low C02 and high mpg. This will cost you less, and you will use less fuel. That’s why you will always see the C02 and mpg on your figures.