Hello, Gianna here. I work for Lesley at The Car Network and we thought that we would post a “getting to know us” blog for you giving a little insight into who we are and what goes on behind the scenes.

Lesley, aka The Car Lady, has been running The Car Network for over 30 years and deals mainly with Business & Personal Contract Hire Leasing.

Her team is made up of four of us plus the office junior, Dotty who joined the team in July this year. She has proven to be an excellent paper shredder!

So, we have Lesley, (The Boss) who basically runs the show! She is usually our initial contact and sources & quotes on fab vehicles through her vast network of contacts developed over a lifetime spent in the motor trade!

Jon expertly runs our website and provides quotes to our new & existing customers (but never makes the tea!). Jon has also been in the motor trade, “man & boy” so has a wealth of knowledge.

Hayley has been “Head of Getting Things Done” for just over three years and makes excellent tea! She basically does what her title says. She deals with our customers once they have placed their order with us and makes sure that they are thoroughly delighted when the big day comes.

And finally there’s me, “The New Girl”. I’ve been part of the team for just over a year and I help Lesley with preparing proposals, covering for Hayley, oh and making the tea!

Our new recruit is still settling in so we will report on her progress next time!

September is the end of the quarter so new offers arrive almost daily as the leasing companies and manufacturers vie for their last little share of the market before the end of the period.

Must go now – office junior is biting my ankles!!! Until next

P.S Please feel free to leave your comments !