9 and a half ways to cut your fuel costs

Average petrol & diesel prices in the UK are the highest they have been for several years.

The average unleaded price is currently 131.40 and diesel 136.70 (pence per litre)

That’s expensive! So apply some of these Eco Driving techniques and start cutting your costs.

Eco-driving is mainly just driving with a light touch of the right foot. The aim is to save energy by focussing on the way we drive, what we drive and even when we drive.

Techniques to try

Empty the boot – what have you got clanking around in your boot? Golf Clubs, the kids wellies? Stop using your car as a mobile cupboard and put all these things back in their rightful home

Air conditioning – switching it off or use climate control on the ‘eco’ setting. BUT, remember that opening a window at speeds higher than 40mph increases fuel consumption more than using air conditioning!

Remove roof-racks and bike-racks if not in use. They create drag.

Correct tyre pressures are important. Under-inflated tyres are not only dangerous, increase fuel consumption and wear out faster.

Become a smoothie! Anticipate – avoid unnecessary braking – decelerate early when slowing down, and don’t pull away too fast this can cost you up to 60% more fuel.

Drive off immediately when starting from cold – modern engines don’t need to be “warmed up” so idling to heat the engine just wastes fuel and causes rapid engine wear.

Stick to speed limits – driving at 70 mph uses up to 30 per cent more fuel than driving at 50 mph. Driving at 70 mph along a motorway instead of 80 mph can save something like forty pence every ten miles. Planning your journey well to avoid delays will help to reduce the need for speeding.

Avoid short journeys – a cold engine uses almost twice as much fuel. Don’t fill up. You’ll be surprised how much fuel you can save by cutting down on weight. Try getting into the habit of half filling your tank at the petrol station and avoid carting extra fuel round the countryside.

And finally – Down load one of the many apps now available to find the cheapest fuel in your area.

THINK ELECTRIC TO REALLY CUT YOUR FUEL COSTS – Next time you are due for a change think about going electric – there are now over 18,000 charging points in the UK and this is growing rapidly month on month.

It is all simple common sense really, and not difficult, so give it a try.


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