The Future is Electric


All over the world people like you are saying no to the polluting cars of yesteryear and are keen to reduce the fumes, get rid of expensive fuel and look forward to a more sustainable way of driving.

Technology revolutionised your phone and now it is going to do the same to your car. Most electric cars will let you drive at least 150 miles on a single charge and electric car drivers say they would never go back once they experience the instant power of electric driving.

The cars are here – and the game is changing.

Home charging is simple and as easy as plugging in your mobile phone. There are grants available to help with the installation of chargers at home and at work.

Start each day will a full charge and, and you’ll never have to detour to top up with petrol or diesel again. On longer trips you can stop off at one of the 22,000 public charging points and top up as fast as 80% in 20 minutes. Public charging points are popping up all over the place at great speed so range anxiety is a thing of the past.

Save up to 80% of your fuel costs compared with a traditional petrol or diesel, add that to the government grants and driving electric now comes within the reach of many.

The range of cars is growing all the time from the top selling Nissan Leaf ( over 400,000 now delivered worldwide ), BMW i3, the cute Renault Zoe to the Jaguar I Pace there is something for everyone.

With something like 2,000 moving parts in a full electric car compared with over 20,000 in a traditional petrol or diesel car, there is less maintenance, and battery life is exceeding all expectations and Nissan are pioneering new products to use the left over batteries which are lasting longer than the cars!

It’s an electric revolution – join it!



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