We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday!

With exams over and the long summer holiday ahead –

Lesley states the bleed’n obvious – its summer time.

As we face high temperatures, holiday traffic, tractors, overheating, punctures, more teens…..Oh my goodness …..

98.9 % of the population have probably NEVER checked their coolant levels – and never will, so I am not going to suggest that you do that today.
I AM however going to suggest that at least once in the next week you have a look at the little dial on your dashboard that tells you the coolant temperature and just make sure it stays in the lower half, because if that arrow is getting up to half way is could mean you have a problem, and if you have a long journey on a hot day you could come a cropper!

Wet patches
Wet patches are never a good thing!
If you pull out of your garage or parking space and there are damp patches underneath there are a couple of things that could be causing this. It could be from the condenser in your air conditioning system, in which case don’t panic BUT it could be a coolant leak. (Or the cat !)

You’d be surprised how many accidents are caused by dazzle from the sun, so apart from the obvious – keeping your windscreen clean, topping up your washer bottle and replacing worn or damaged windscreen wipers, it is a really good idea to keep a spare pair of sunglasses easily accessible in the glove box of your car.
Oh and in case you are wondering – it is better to buy a good quality screen wash even in the summer. The ingredients are formulated to tackle those pesky flies and tree sap – a job plain old tap water simply won’t do as well.

Wet or lost key fobs
Check your handbook in advance just in case your car keys accidentally go for a swim with you – there may be another way to open the doors if the remote stops working.

Tractors and the countryside
Did you know that tractors only have to have brake or indicator lights if driving at night. This explains sudden changes in direction without indicating!

Congestion – More people on the road and holiday traffic congestion, slow unpredictable drivers unfamiliar with the road, increased pedestrians, cyclists and motor bikes – the joy of summer driving, I do find some drivers behaviour … interesting!

Be prepared – pop the number of your breakdown service in your mobile – just in case, and have a great safe summer.

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