Get Ready for the Electric Revolution

Get ready for the electric revolution ….

Yes that’s right – revolution. Forget EVOLUTION the shift to electric cars is being referred to as a REVOLUTION and many believe we are at the tipping point.

I spent a fascinating day at Robert Llewellyn’s Fully Charged Live Show over the weekend and was amazed at the size of the event. Not populated by tree hugging eco warriors wearing hairy jumpers, but folk just like you & I who can see just how driving electric can benefit them.

We enjoyed a ride in a Tesla to & from the car park generously given by the Tesla Owners Club members. That was a treat in itself.

Plenty of the car manufactuers were in attendance showing off their latest electric models. There were electric bikes and scooters, and you could also drool over vintage cars and vans that had been converted.

There were test drives to be had and lots of stands supplying charging points. I was interested to find that forward thinking developers and energy providers have got together and bundled up offers to help drivers choose the best suppliers that link Apps, with charging points and suppliers. These clever apps can save owners even more in fuel costs by timing the home charging to suit the demand on the grid, and in some cases its actually free.

As you would expect Solar power was featured, and with the right set up any spare electricity generated can be sold back to the grid in the future.

It is a fascinating area and one that I am really excited about getting more involved in.

The BIG takeaway from the day for me though is that driving electric is about changing our habits.

Forget about going to the petrol station to top up – think more along the lines of topping up whenever you have the opportunity – at the super market, when you go to the pub for lunch, at work, on a long run when you stop for a coffee.

It takes a little more forward planning to start with, but there are Apps available to help you and just think of the savings – not only for your pocket but also for the environment.

My visit has certainly made me think differently, and I am excited for the future.

The Car Lady

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