BREXIT and Driving in Europe

If you are going to be driving in Europe after 29 March you may need to be prepared for a no deal… so what must you do to be legal?

The details of any possible deal are vague, but a no deal situation is likely to have the greatest effect on drivers. It is expected that the current mutual recognition of driving licences between the UK and EU will end and UK licences may not be valid without additional documentation.

Drivers may need an International Driving Permit ( IDP ) which costs £5.50 and is valid for between one and three years, depending on the type. There are three IDP’s each valid in certain European countries. They are available from Post Offices, and you can find out more here:


You will not need any additional insurance to drive in Europe, but in the event of a no-deal Brexit you may also need to carry a Green Card as proof of cover. Green cards can be obtained from your insurer, which are mostly free at the moment but it is possible that some insurers could start to charge a fee.

It is worth getting organised early as you may need to allow a month to get this additional paperwork.


You should already display a GB sign on your car when driving outside of the UK, which can be a sticker or a GB sign on your number plate. If there is a no deal Brexit it is expected that if you have a Euro number plate displaying the EU Flag and a GB sign you may also need a GB sticker. You will not need a GB sticker if you replace a Euro plate with a number plate that features the GB sign without the EU flag.

And don’t forget if your car is on a lease you must always contact the Leasing Company in good time to get permission and the necessary documentation to take the car abroad.


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