What could you do with £997?

Hmmm, let’s think … would it be a holiday, a new outfit, a handbag, some jewellery?
No, it doesn’t have to be wishful thinking! That £997 is a realistic amount you could save in a year if you cut your petrol or diesel bill by 20%.

There are a host of simple strategies you can use to reduce your fuel consumption, some of them common sense and some you might never have thought of.
The surprising thing is that they require very little effort. Which is just as well, because if you’re like me you’re much more likely to change the way you do things if it’s easy and practical.
And if you’re really fed up with the amount of your hard-earned salary you’re spending at the petrol station every week, that’s a great incentive to sign up for The Car Network’s tips and secrets.
After all, the likes of Esso and Total aren’t going to slash their prices, so it’s up to us. One simple way you can save on fuel is to turn off the engine every time you’re stationary for more than a minute. There are lots more.
I’m not promising everyone will save £997 a year. That figure is based on an average car and driving approximately 25,000 miles a year.
But with a bit of effort, you’ll save hundreds of pounds to spend on something really worthwhile. Like a holiday (weekend in Paris, anyone?), a sashay down the High Street or something sparkly for a special occasion.

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