An easy way to save on petrol

What have you got clunking around in the boot of your car?

Some golf clubs, perhaps, a pair of wellington boots and a bag of recycling? Maybe tennis rackets, a deck chair, a stack of brochures or a children’s scooter. Things you haven’t got round to taking into the house, putting back in the garage or just dumping.

In fact if you have young children or work from your car, there’s probably a whole lot more.

Why am I asking? Because loading down your boot will make your car heavier, increase the amount of fuel you use and cost you more. So there are very good reasons not to use it as extra storage space!

Emptying the boot is just one of the simple ways you can cut your fuel consumption, and I’ve got plenty more. The Car Network is always looking for ways to save you money – and save the planet. I’m really convinced that if we all do little things, we can make a big difference

Another tip is to drive smoothly. Ok, that’s not always easy in rush hour or when your route is an obstacle course of roundabouts, hazards, buses, roadworks or horses trotting along country lanes. But if you can glide through the gears and try not to brake or accelerate suddenly, you’ll also find you burn less fuel.

I’m putting together a lot of information to help companies cut travel and transport costs and keep more profit in their business.

Do you have some great tips? Please share them!

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